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Why wildlife criminals are targeting UK birds of prey

iNews reports that a former special forces soldier dubbed the ‘Pablo Escobar of egg theft’ hit the headlines recently after being sentenced to three years in jail for stealing £100,000 of rare bird of prey eggs.

Jeffrey Lendrum was convicted for the third time in a long and global career of egg smuggling after being stopped on his way into Heathrow from South Africa with 17 hawk, eagle and vulture eggs strapped to his chest – as well as two newly-hatched chicks.

Read more at: https://inews.co.uk/news/environment/why-the-uk-is-a-target-for-bird-of-prey-egg-thieves/

Photo Credit: Woking Peregrine Project / Woking Borough Council

Woking peregrine goes to Wildlife Aid

The juveniles watched under the Woking Peregrine project started flying on Sunday 10th June. Unfortunately, one flew into a window.  The injured juvenile female was taken for rehabilitation at Wildlife Aid (based in Leatherhead).  She may be there for at least 3 weeks, possibly requiring an operation on the damaged wing.  Let’s hope she recovers soon!  For this and more information about the peregrines please visit www.wokingperegrines.com. 

Woking Peregrines in the News

The Woking Peregrine Project was featured on That’s Surrey TV on 18th May.  The four chicks are still going strong – even a sandwich tern was caught as prey by the parents.  The chicks will be ringed on Tuesday to help understand where they travel as adults.  They should fledge in early to mid June, so keep an eye out if you’re in Woking!  Learn more at http://www.wokingperegrines.com/.

News of the Woking Peregrines

As is often the case with nature, there is good news, but also sad news from the Woking Peregrines.  The good news –  all five eggs were hatched.  But sadly this morning one chick became estranged as the parent began to brood again after feeding. It sadly didn’t make it in the cold.

It’s worth remembering that five surviving to fledge, as they achieved last year, is uncommonly good.  Our hopes continue that the other four will survive to adulthood.

You can do your part, maybe not for the peregrines directly, but for the birds visiting your garden who will also be struggling in this cold and rainy spell.  Keeping your feeders full will help ensure avian parents have one less thing to worry about.

Watch the peregrines live at http://www.wokingperegrines.com/

Photos from Woking Peregrine Project / Woking Borough Council

Second egg for Woking Peregrines – more to come?

The Woking Peregrine Project celebrates the second egg laid by the peregrines under the watchful eye(s) of the web cameras.  Peregrines have already successully bred here in 2016 and 2017.

Even better news – there may be another egg due on Wednesday as peregrines usually lay in 48 hour intervals.  Do have a look at the live webcam videos and Twitter feed on their website for the latest updates – it’s fascinating and addictive!!

[Photos by Woking Peregrine Project / Woking Borough Council]