About FNW

Formed in 2014 by a group of local enthusiasts, Friends of Normandy Wildlife (FNW) is set up with the aim of fostering an appreciation of the beauty and diversity of wildlife in Normandy and protecting it for the future.

The parish is important within Surrey since it contains a number of Sites of Nature Conservation Importance (SNCIs) – areas of wildlife importance at a county level – within its boundaries.

We aim to record and report wildlife sightings across the parish and publicise Normandy’s wildlife to a wide audience, both in and around the village and through other influential wildlife bodies.

The Group is very friendly and welcoming and at present we have around 50 members. We are fortunate in that several of these are qualified specialists in ecology or wildlife biology who hold, or have held, senior positions relating to wildlife in national and international bodies.

Some members are local experts who belong to various Surrey and National wildlife societies; others just share an interest in nature and the environment and want to learn more about it together with friends and neighbours.

We organise a variety of activities – talks and walks – throughout the year, usually one every month. You don’t always have to be a member to join these, but becoming a member means you receive a discount on entry (£2 instead of £3) and have exclusive access to members-only events.

We have had many fascinating and well illustrated talks from experts on a wide range of topics including hedgehogs, dormice, bats, reptiles, owls, the Woking peregrines, control of invasive species and sometimes wildlife further afield such as in our illegal wildlife trade talk.

We’re also alert to any development issues that may harm the wildlife in the Normandy area.  We have provided detailed responses to proposals for development on Green Belt land and areas of ecological importance in the village. To everyone’s enormous relief such proposals were subsequently dropped, but we still keep our ears to the ground in case any other damaging proposals arise.


Membership subscription is £10 per person each year (renewed in April). Please contact fnwildlife@gmail.com for information on how to join.

Rules and Constitution

Read more in our club rules and constitution.