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Environment minister pledges laws to cut dumping of sewage in English rivers

The Guardian, and The Times report the environment minister, Rebecca Pow, has promised to bring in legislation to reduce discharge of raw sewage into rivers.

Pow said that she would be placing a legal duty on government to come up with a plan to cut dumping by water companies by September 2022. Pressure has been growing on water companies and ministers as evidence grows of the scale of the issue and amid increasing evidence of the poor state of rivers.

£22m fund launched to restore peatlands that could help climate fight

The Independent reports the Scottish government is encouraging farmers and landowners to apply for grants from a £22m fund for restoring its peatlands, which can help capture carbon. Up to a quarter of Scotland, about 1.7 million hectares, is covered in peat soil which could capture and store up to 1.6 billion tonnes of carbon – the equivalent of up to 140 years of the country’s emissions. 

Letter demands action over ‘UK nature in freefall’

The BBC and Independent report more than 50 wildlife experts, politicians and celebrities have signed a letter to Boris Johnson demanding tougher action on nature loss. The UK prime minister’s father, Stanley, is among signatories calling on the UK to become the first country to set legally binding targets for nature recovery.

The government has pledged to protect 30% of land and sea for nature by 2030. The letter calls for this ambition to be enshrined in law. 

Boris Johnson’s dad Stanley Johnson among campaigners calling for binding 2030 deadline for rescuing wildlife

iNEWS reports Boris Johnson is facing pressure to “deliver on his promises” to reverse the startling decline in UK nature by writing into law binding biodiversity targets. Mr Johnson has promised to protect at least 30 per cent of UK land for nature by the end of the decade, a move the government has claimed will “put nature and biodiversity on a road to recovery by 2030”.  But conservation groups say this ambition must be written into law, pointing out the current wording of the Environment Bill will not force action to improve nature in England until 2038.

New £10 million fund to drive private sector investment in nature

The Government have today announced nature projects which tackle climate change, create and restore habitats, or improve water quality could soon benefit from a new £10 million fund to help them both benefit the environment and attract private sector investment, the Government has announced today (10 February).

The Natural Environment Investment Readiness Fund will provide grants of up to £100,000 to environmental groups, local authorities, businesses and other organisations to help them develop nature projects in England to a point where they can attract private investment. 

Government ‘painfully slow’ on protecting environment

BBC News, and Sky News report progress towards protecting the UK’s environment has been “painfully slow”, a government spending watchdog has warned. The Public Accounts Committee pointed out that ministers had first pledged a decade ago to improve the natural environment within a generation. But it complained of serious delays in tackling “critical” issues like air pollution, water quality and wildlife loss. 

‘Biggest ever’ initiative to restore natural world launched amid warning it needs more cash

The Independent reports a national push by the government and numerous wildlife and environment organisations to restore the natural world across England has been launched, aiming to tackle biodiversity loss, climate change and people’s isolation from the natural world. But it comes as some of the same environment groups supporting the initiative have warned that public funding for green recovery projects is already 10 times oversubscribed. 

Conservation charities warn UK nature targets under threat without £1bn more funding

INEWS reports the Government must funnel more funding into nature schemes if it wants to save thousands of jobs in the sector and keep key green targets within reach. That is the message from the UK’s leading environmental charities, including the National Trust, Woodland Trust, Wildlife and Countryside Link and The Wildlife Trusts. They were among the green groups to pen a letter to the Chancellor, calling for Rishi Sunak to plough more cash into the Green Recovery Challenge Fund.

Businesses making eco-friendly claims to be vetted by watchdog

The Guardian reports companies that market their products or services as eco-friendly are to be scrutinised by the UK competition watchdog to make sure they live up to the claim and do not mislead consumers. The CMA said examples of misleading behaviour by firms could include exaggerating the positive environmental impact of a product or service, but also using packaging or logos that implied an item was eco-friendly when it was not. The practice is also known as “greenwashing”.