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Bird flight maps look to cut wind turbine deaths

The Times reports the migratory routes of 1,400 birds have been tracked to find where they would be most vulnerable to being killed by new onshore wind turbines and power lines. Scientists fitted satellite tags to 27 species such as eagles, gulls, owls, storks and swans to create a comprehensive map for the UK, continental Europe and north Africa to guide planning of wind farms and the high-voltage lines needed to carry supplies of renewable energy.  

Pleas to save New Forest ground-nesting birds

The BBC report habitats of endangered ground-nesting birds are being increasingly threatened by recreation in the New Forest, conservationists have warned. Prof Russell Wynn of Wild New Forest said populations of both curlew and lapwing have more than halved in the last two decades. Signposts have been put in place to warn visitors of “red areas” known to have nesting populations. Forestry England said the birds were “under real threat”. 

How to help swifts by installing a bird nest box as energy efficient homes damage breeding hopes

Swift at box photo by fs-phil under creative commons

i News reports homeowners renovating period properties are inadvertently destroying nesting sites for endangered birds in a quest to make their homes more energy efficient, conservationists have warned. Swifts usually nest in holes near the roofs of properties, but renovation work is plugging these gaps and making it more difficult for the birds to breed. 

Swallows are no longer migrating the 6,000 miles to South Africa and are staying in Britain over winter amid milder temperatures thanks to climate change, study reveals

Swallow photo by Mark Robinson under creative commons

Daily Mail reports traditionally swallows head south at the end of summer because the European winter is too cold for the flying insects on which they feed. (…) But with the run of mild winters in recent years a small number of swallows have been able to attempt to spend the winter months here.