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£2 million National Trust research project hopes to reverse woodland and meadow habitat loss in the UK

The South Downs from Ditchling Beacon photo by hehaden under creative commons

Sky News reports a £2m research project that aims to tackle the biodiversity crisis in the UK and help restore the landscape has been launched. Funded by the Natural Environment Research Council, the four-year partnership hopes to reverse habitat loss in meadows and woodlands caused by farming, urban development, climate change, and pollution.

Taking place at 100 sites, including South Downs and Stonehenge, researchers will examine how different plants, animals, and other organisms in ecosystems work together.

Guildford’s 10 metre tower to help swifts nest

Surrey Live reports that Surrey borough council is looking to use a 10 metre tower to tackle declining numbers of swifts in Shalford.

Guildford Borough Council wants to put the tower near a car park and recreation ground on the junction of Kings Road and Chinthurst Lane in Shalford.

The nesting tower will allow up to 56 pairs of birds to breed and has been designed to look like a piece of artwork.

The number of swifts have declined by 53%, according to the RSPB.

Woking peregrine goes to Wildlife Aid

The juveniles watched under the Woking Peregrine project started flying on Sunday 10th June. Unfortunately, one flew into a window.  The injured juvenile female was taken for rehabilitation at Wildlife Aid (based in Leatherhead).  She may be there for at least 3 weeks, possibly requiring an operation on the damaged wing.  Let’s hope she recovers soon!  For this and more information about the peregrines please visit www.wokingperegrines.com. 

Help map the mammals of Normandy

While you’re out on your dog walk, cycle or stroll through the countryside you could also be helping our local mammals.  The Mammal Society have launched a new app, Mammal Mapper, to record mammals sightings or signs of mammals and send them to a national database.

The app is simple to use and provides a very handy detailed guide to identifying British mammals.

Most wild mammals, including rabbits and hedgehogs, are poorly monitored.  Records from the app could provide vital information about locations and population trends of our precious mammals, aiding better management and protection.

Learn more about the app here.  The app is free to download and available on android and iOS in app stores now. For more information and to download from the Mammal Society website go to http://www.mammal.org.uk/volunteering/mammal-mapper/.

Woking Peregrines in the News

The Woking Peregrine Project was featured on That’s Surrey TV on 18th May.  The four chicks are still going strong – even a sandwich tern was caught as prey by the parents.  The chicks will be ringed on Tuesday to help understand where they travel as adults.  They should fledge in early to mid June, so keep an eye out if you’re in Woking!  Learn more at http://www.wokingperegrines.com/.

News of the Woking Peregrines

As is often the case with nature, there is good news, but also sad news from the Woking Peregrines.  The good news –  all five eggs were hatched.  But sadly this morning one chick became estranged as the parent began to brood again after feeding. It sadly didn’t make it in the cold.

It’s worth remembering that five surviving to fledge, as they achieved last year, is uncommonly good.  Our hopes continue that the other four will survive to adulthood.

You can do your part, maybe not for the peregrines directly, but for the birds visiting your garden who will also be struggling in this cold and rainy spell.  Keeping your feeders full will help ensure avian parents have one less thing to worry about.

Watch the peregrines live at http://www.wokingperegrines.com/

Photos from Woking Peregrine Project / Woking Borough Council

Avoid the bin! Repair and re-use!

It’s annoying when something breaks and you’re not sure how to fix it. No need to give up and throw it away.  Learn to repair your broken items for free at the Guildford Repair Café.  Volunteer experts are on hand to help you repair a whole variety of items.  Save money and the environment – save on waste and reduce the manufacturing of replacements.

Please visit the Guildford Repair Café website for more details.  At time of writing, the next session is the morning of Saturday 7th April, 10-12, at the Park Barn Community Centre, Cabell Road, Guildford, Surrey, GU2 8JH.

Second egg for Woking Peregrines – more to come?

The Woking Peregrine Project celebrates the second egg laid by the peregrines under the watchful eye(s) of the web cameras.  Peregrines have already successully bred here in 2016 and 2017.

Even better news – there may be another egg due on Wednesday as peregrines usually lay in 48 hour intervals.  Do have a look at the live webcam videos and Twitter feed on their website for the latest updates – it’s fascinating and addictive!!

[Photos by Woking Peregrine Project / Woking Borough Council]