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Brexit no deal planning has destroyed thousands of Britain’s rarest orchids

The TELEGRAPH reports Brexit no-deal planning meant a council destroyed 17,000 of Britain’s rarest orchids in one day – and it will take up to eight years for them to grow back. Volunteers from Kent Wildlife Trust had been lovingly tending the purple carpet of rare bee and common orchids for over 15 years.
Not only did they attract and sustain a thriving population of bees, but 20 different butterfly species were sustained by the verge. Now, all that remains of the verge is a lump of mud after Kent County Council ordered it to be bulldozed to make way for a drainage ditch due to Operation Brock, intended to tackle queues coming to and from Dover in the case of a No Deal Brexit. 

New ‘Wind in the Willows’ film trailer shows destruction of UK nature

The Independent reports a  striking film “trailer” for The Wind In The Willows calling for action to help nature has been unveiled by environmental campaigners.
Sir David Attenborough and Stephen Fry are among the talents featured in the film, which shows the animal characters facing 21st century threats such as road building and plastic pollution.
This country of nature lovers needs to give its wildlife every chance to survive, thrive and expand its range,’ says Sir David Attenborough, who appears in new trailer.

30% Decline in Water Vole Areas

The areas in which water voles are living in England and Wales have declined by nearly 30% in a decade, according to a new study by the Wildlife Trusts.

Alex Learmont from Surrey Wildlife Trust gave a talk to the FNW group last April about the country’s fastest declining mammal.  Remember if you’d like to help search for “Ratty” in Surrey please email alex.learmont@surreywt.org.uk.

[photo © Nick Ford]