Friends of Normandy Wildlife – Winter 2019/20

FNW needs a new secretary – can you help?

The Friends of Normandy Wildlife are looking for a volunteer to join our organising committee and take on the role of secretary. We have shared out a lot of the current secretary’s tasks amongst other committee members leaving just the following for the role:

· take brief notes at our committee meetings (about four times a year);

· keep the membership list and contact details up to date;

· circulate members with information about future FNW events;

· respond to emails in the FNW email box.

We are a very friendly, informal committee and all work together to develop ideas for wildlife and environmental talks, walks and related activities to help wildlife in the area. 

If you are interested in joining us on the committee please get in touch via


Get involved

Talks – Remember to check out and come along to our series of talks for the winter and spring 2020.  

Sightings – If you see something you are fascinated by on your explorations around Normandy please to tell us about it on our sightings page (or you can email us at  It doesn’t have to be “first” for Normandy….if it fascinated you it’ll likely interest someone else. And remember all these records help to understand the natural diversity in our village, which can help us better protect it. We’ve had some amazing sightings so far, so please check them out, for example…..

Learn more – don’t forget to check out our news and blogs page where you can read media stories about UK wildlife, and learn more about our local wildlife and FNW activities.

Photo (c) 2009 Pomeroy under creative commons