News of the Woking Peregrines

As is often the case with nature, there is good news, but also sad news from the Woking Peregrines.  The good news –  all five eggs were hatched.  But sadly this morning one chick became estranged as the parent began to brood again after feeding. It sadly didn’t make it in the cold.

It’s worth remembering that five surviving to fledge, as they achieved last year, is uncommonly good.  Our hopes continue that the other four will survive to adulthood.

You can do your part, maybe not for the peregrines directly, but for the birds visiting your garden who will also be struggling in this cold and rainy spell.  Keeping your feeders full will help ensure avian parents have one less thing to worry about.

Watch the peregrines live at

Photos from Woking Peregrine Project / Woking Borough Council

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