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Fruit and veg self-sufficiency ahead thanks to heat from sewage farms

The Times reports Britain will become far more self-sufficient in tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and other produce under plans to tap heat from sewage farms and pipe it to giant greenhouses. Low Carbon Farming, which is building two wastewater-heated greenhouses in East Anglia, has identified sites for 41 more greenhouses, each larger than the Millennium Dome and located near sewage farms. 

Pumpkin waste in UK predicted to hit scary heights this Halloween

THE GUARDIAN reports Britons are expected to generate record levels of food waste over Halloween this year. More than 8m pumpkins – equivalent to more than 18,000 tonnes of edible pumpkin flesh – will be heading for the bin because the majority of consumers will not eat it. About 40% of consumers buy fresh pumpkins to hollow out and carve to celebrate Halloween, but 60% of those admit they do not use the flesh, according to research by the stock cube brand Knorr and the environmental charity Hubbub. 

National Trust pub becomes first in UK to put carbon footprint by each meal on menu

The Telegraph reports a National Trust pub has become the first in Britain to put the carbon footprint of each meal next to the item on the menu. The greenhouse gas emission calculations were made by Professor Mike Berners-Lee, a leading expert on greenhouse gases, and the brother of World Wide Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee.

Sticklebarn in Cumbria – which is run by the National Trust – made the change earlier this year as part of their pledge to run a sustainable business.