What you can do

In your Garden

No matter what sort of garden you have you can help widlife with a few simple choices and changes.  Even just not doing some of those tedious gardening jobs like weeding the lawn can really help plants, insects and more – what better excuse would you need! And there are also bigger projects you could undertake.

Andrew Halstead provided a wealth of information in his talk to the FNW group on wildlife gardening in March 2018.  Do read the summary of his talk for more information.

Hedgehogs are estimated to have declined by 30% since 2002, and there are thoughts to be fewer than one million in the UK.  You can help hedgehogs have a home in your garden .

Wildlife Rescue

If you find any wildlife in distress, our two local wildlife rescue centres are Harper Asprey 01344 623106 and Wildlife Aid on 09061 800132.

What to do if you find a baby bird

Recording Wildlife

We’re always keen to receive interesting records of wildlife in Normandy.  In particular, please let us know if you see any stag beetles, hedgehogs or ringed-necked parakeets.  Please send details of what you saw, where and when (and a photo if it’s something unusual) to fnwildlife@gmail.com, or report it through our sightings page.

Explore nocturnal mammal activity with the FNW bat detector

Exclusively for FNW members, you can borrow the FNW hand-held bat detector to learn more about these amazing nocturnal mammals in your garden or on your local walks. Send your enquiry by email to fnwildlife@gmail.com.  It’s very simple to use and comes with a short instruction sheet. And if you find something unusual or interesting, we would love to hear about it!

Join our talks, walks and events

Wildlife Spotting

Check out the growing information on our Normandy Wildlife page and when you’re out and about see what wildlife you can find.  If you see anything interesting please do let us know through our sightings page or by sending an email to fnwildlife@gmail.com.

Also look at our Activities for Children page for links to lots of fun and learning. And have a go at our FNW Normandy Common Treasure Hunt.