Let us know what interesting wildlife you have seen in and around Normandy by sharing your sightings through the comments section below.  Such sightings could provide vital information to understand more about our local wildlife and help us to better protect it.

If possible, please provide the following information:

  1. Time and date of sighting
  2. Location
  3. Species (or sign of species, e.g. droppings, burrows, etc)
  4. Number seen
  5. Any helpful / interesting description –  what was the animal doing, where exactly was the plant located, what was the fungus growing on, etc?
  6. If you have a photo(s) please send it to and we will upload it to this page for you.

If it’s an unusual sighting or you’re not sure what you’ve seen, please send a photo or ask our FNW Committee to help identify it by emailing

Please note, comments need to be approved by our web manager before publishing. The email address given will only be used to contact you should there be a query about your sighting and will not be stored.

[The photo above is of a female sparrowhawk seen in The Paddocks, Normandy.]


On the 17th October 2020 a flock of 15 crossbills were seen on the ‘top’ of Ash Ranges (Fox Hills) before circling (quite close) over my head, making a terrific load sound (just like that available on the RSPB Birds A-Z  website) before landing in the top of a very tall pine tree. The first photo shows a pair of them but is very poor because of the lousy weather and distance. The female at top is tucking into a pine cone, the male is on lookout. The three pics below are all from the ranges. As the RSPB website says they are an irruptive species so hopefully we’ll see more of them this winter!

The below elephant hawk moth catepillar as spotted in Glaziers Lane in August 2020.

This will transform into this beautiful moth…….

Elephant Hawk Moth photo by Nigel Stone under creative commons

This dark-edged bee fly was spotted on 14 April 2019 in The Paddocks.  These are amazing insects.  See if you can spot them and join in the Bee fly Watch 2019!


The following 16 numbered sightings from 2018 were provided by FNW Committee member, Bill Stanworth.

1) Green Huntsman Spider (Micrommata virescens) resting on dead Purple Moor-grass from Ash Ranges, East of Dolley’s Hill, 17 April 2018
2) Single male Common Toad croaking in our garden pond, 18 April 2018
3) Grass Snake resting on lily pad in our garden pond, 1 June 2018
4) Golden-ringed Dragonfly resting on vegetation by our garden pond, 21 June 2018
5) Elusive male Purple Emperor butterfly resting on birch by stream, West of Dolley’s Hill (Ash Ranges, outside danger area), 23 June 2018
6) Heath Tiger beetle  (Cicindela sylvatica) on scrape in old gravel pit, East of Dukes Hill, Ash Ranges, 2 July 2018. This is classified as endangered and restricted to lowland heath.
7) Male Blackcap. He was complaining about me perhaps because there was a nest nearby (I beat a hasty retreat!) A treat to be so close! Location: Ash Ranges, outside danger area, East of Dolley’s Hill. 12 July 2018
8) Brown Hairstreak butterfly that accidentally got trapped in our plastic tunnel! It’s a BAP priority species (BC Red List: vulnerable) and only the second seen in the garden. 16 July 2018.
The great news is that I found an egg on blackthorn in the garden this winter.
9) Hummingbird Hawkmoth feeding on a white Phlox flowers in garden. No time to stop! 23July 2018
10) Female Silver-washed Fritillary form valesina resting on Hellebore leaf in our garden. This unusual coloured form is apparently rare in Surrey. 27 July 2018.
11) Male Roe deer on flowering heath, Ash Ranges, East of Ricochet Hill, 2 August 2018
12) Wasp Spider (Argiope bruennichi) on web by Common Fleabane flowers, Henley Park Fields SNCI, 3 August 2018. This spectacular large spider was also seen this year on Ash Ranges East of Dolley’s Hill.
13) Female Blackcap feeding on fig in garden, 13 August 2018. Both the male and female liked figs!
14) Clifden Nonpareil moth. I had two of these for the first time to my garden moth trap. It’s a very large moth and it flew off like a bat. Probably the first Normandy record. 22 September 2018
15) Smooth Cat’s-ear (Hypochaeris glabra) growing on a gravel track North of Fox Hills, Ash Ranges. Although this is a small fairly insignificant plant it is listed as vulnerable and this is the first record for Normandy Parish
16) Probable Mycena megaspora, a fungus of heathland especially when burnt. Here it is with Purple Moor-grass (showing autumn colour) which managed a limited amount of growth after the burn on Ash Ranges in early October, 2 December 2018.

May 2018 – two tawny owlets were spotted in a garden in Normandy – amazing photos by Josey Garbutt. Thank you!

Photo by Josey Garbutt
Photo by Josey Garbutt

Black-headed cardinal beetle mentioned in the comments section below.

Black-headed cardinal beetle – photo by Gill Woolfson

6 thoughts on “Sightings”

  1. A single Black Headed Cardinal Beetle spotted on a Dryopteris Fern in my garden (off Bailes Lane, bordering a water meadow.)

    Date 12th June 18, at 4:30pm

  2. I remember a while ago you were recording hedgehog sightings, so if you still are, I can tell you that I saw 2 in our rear garden – 21st May.
    I started leaving “hedgehog bites” out at the end of last month in feeding stations (after finding their little “presents”) and I am pleased to report the food has been consumed every night for the last 2 weeks.
    Westwood Lane.

  3. Just had a green woodpecker in our garden – we often have great spotted woodpeckers but this is the first green for us. We’re on Glaziers Lane backing into to Backhursts

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