Uncovering Britain’s ancient rainforests

BBC News reports the UK is home to a dwindling swathe of temperate rainforest, and these biodiverse, beautiful habitats are some of the most endangered areas of rainforest in the world…

Guy Shrubsole,  founded the website Lost Rainforests of Britain in 2020 in order to track remaining rainforest locations in the UK. He has also begun a petition, lobbying the government to “bring back Britain’s rainforests” as part of wider initiatives to begin rewilding what the World Wildlife Fund labels one of the “most nature-depleted countries in the world”. 

Bird flight maps look to cut wind turbine deaths

The Times reports the migratory routes of 1,400 birds have been tracked to find where they would be most vulnerable to being killed by new onshore wind turbines and power lines. Scientists fitted satellite tags to 27 species such as eagles, gulls, owls, storks and swans to create a comprehensive map for the UK, continental Europe and north Africa to guide planning of wind farms and the high-voltage lines needed to carry supplies of renewable energy.