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Ivy hailed as nature’s thermostat rather than a creep

The Times reports the climbing plant has received the endorsement of the Royal Horticultural Society as the best to provide an architectural vest that keeps buildings cool in summer and warm in winter.

An experiment conducted by the society with the University of Reading suggested home owners should not be concerned about ivy harbouring damp, as the plant reduced relative humidity on warm winter days by 5.7 per cent. 

Photo of ivy covered house by Karen under creative commons.

Give your lawn a monthly ‘Mohican’ mow to boost wildlife, experts urge

 The Express and Star reports mowing the lawn just once a month – and leaving some areas to grow long – provides a huge boost to flowers, bees and other wildlife, experts have said. The “Mohican” haircut approach to mowing is being recommended by wildlife charity Plantlife, after a citizen survey of lawns revealed they can support 200 different flowers and generate huge amounts of nectar for wildlife. 

It’s time to rip up fake grass to save birds and bees

The Metro reports artificial grass creates a ‘desert’ and should be removed to help wildlife, experts have said. The fake turf is becoming a common sight around the UK, chosen by many because it requires little maintenance. But it is doing harm to the insects, birds and other wildlife that live here and have seen their habitat shrink. 

Top photo of artificial grass by Perfect Grass under creative commons. Bottom photo of natural grass in a Normandy garden.

Coronavirus: Keeping your garden flourishing during lockdown

Watch this video!

The BBC report that for many of us trapped in our homes during the coronavirus outbreak, our gardens offer sanctuary.

But what plants, insects and animals can we expect to see at this time of year? And how can we help everything flourish?

Nick Acheson, from Norfolk Wildlife Trust, filmed this report from his back garden explaining what to look out and what to do as spring comes into full swing.

Woodland Trust asks one million Britons to plant a tree after government misses targets

The Telegraph reports the Woodland Trust is asking one million people to each plant a tree to fight climate change after the government failed to meet targets.

Today the conservation charity launched its ‘Big Climate Fightback’ campaign after figures showed just 1,420 hectares (3,500 acres) of woodland was created in England last year, far short of the 5,000-a-year (12,000 acres) which was promised. 

Dig a pond (or rewild an old one) and nature will love you for it

Kate Bradbury writes in the Telegraph – My new pond is the heartbeat of the garden. It’s only a few weeks old, the plants are still small and the grass I sowed around the edge is but a five o’clock shadow on its muddy banks. And yet it’s permanently busy: this week I can’t see for house sparrows, and have spent hours laughing at the newly-fledged chicks taking their first bath.

Two blackbirds visit regularly for a drink and a wash, there are robins, goldfinches and tits, plus a huge herring gull that jumps in with an enormous splash and swims around in contented circles.

Photo of wildlife pond at Highdown by Leonora (Ellie) Enking under creative commons.