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Garden centres ‘failing to stop peat sales’

BBC News reports leading garden retailers are still failing to stop the sale of peat in compost despite pressure from the government and campaigners. The Wildlife Trusts said only one of 20 retailers contacted said it would eliminate peat from its shelves this year.

The restoration of peatlands is a key part of the government’s strategy to mitigate the impact of climate change. Highly absorbent, it also helps with flood prevention.

However, one peat producer told the BBC that since lockdown there had been a surge in interest in gardening. Demand for peat was “unprecedented” and there was currently no viable alternative.

Pampas grass might be having a style revival on Instagram, but it is a threat to wildlife, experts warn

iNews reports once a staple of a 1970s garden, the pampas grass has burst back into fashion as a favourite of the Instagram generation. The plant’s dried fronds have made a comeback as the ultimate interiors accessory, with fans even resorting to stealing it from coastal beaches to get their style fix. But although pampas grass might be a trendy alternative to a vase of fresh flowers, it is no substitute for native grasses on UK coastal dunes, experts warned this week.  

Overground stations transformed into solar-powered green spaces

iNEWS reports just a few meters away from the Overground rail track at Brondesbury Park, in north-west London overgrown, dilapidated surrounding land has been transformed by the company, Energy Garden, into a biodiverse, productive garden powered by solar. A sign attached to a fence invites anyone to come in and water the plants with a solar powered hose. This station is one of 34 to be similarly renovated. 

Nature on the doorstep as front gardens bloom again

 The TimesDaily Telegraph, and Daily Mail report they have been paved over, concreted and covered with gravel, more noted for their bins and bicycles than their begonias. But after decades of neglect, Britain’s front gardens are greening up. The amount of front garden greenery across the nation has grown by an area seventy times the size of Hyde Park since 2015, according to the Royal Horticultural Society. The gardening charity says the increase in front gardens that have been planted up should bring far-ranging benefits to people’s health and wellbeing, as well as the environment and wildlife. 

Six ways to help look after wildlife this autumn

The Leader reports gardeners are being urged to hang out fat balls and avoid turning their compost heaps in order to help wildlife this autumn. Gardening experts from GardeningExpress.co.uk have shared six tips to help look after autumn wildlife.

From the humble hedgehog to toads and frogs, wildlife found in gardens across the country are starting to adapt and prepare for the winter ahead. Ensuring the animals have access to food, water and shelter will mean they have a much better chance of surviving the winter.

Bill Stanworth photo of male common toad croaking in garden pond.

Gardeners search for ooze control after surge in slugs

The Times reports the Royal Horticultural Society has warned that the slug population will peak this month. The problem is so acute that Europe’s only supplier of worms bred to defeat slugs has reported a double-digit percentage growth in sales. BASF, which breeds nematodes in Littlehampton, West Sussex, has increased production of the anti-slug bioweapon, which rots the pest from the inside. 

Photo by www.bayercropscience.co.uk under creative commons.