Amateur birdwatchers accidentally discover habits of rare duck as they record bird noises at night during lockdown

The Daily Telegraph reports with long journeys to go ‘birding’ curtailed by the Covid-19 regulations, sales of tiny ‘noc-mig’ microphones to record migrating birds flying overnight went up. They managed to discover that the Common Scooter is much faster than previously thought with 800 households logging data that showed it crossed the UK in a matter of days rather than weeks. 

Environment Agency faces questions over works on protected river

The Guardian reports Environment agency officials were under pressure on Monday to explain exactly what consent they gave to carry out extensive work on the banks of a protected river in England. 

Officials from the EA, Natural England and the Forestry Commission moved in last week to stop the work along the River Lugg outside Kingsland, near Leominster in Herefordshire.

The EA said a legal notice requiring the works to stop immediately was served on the landowner by Natural England earlier last week…But the landowner John Price, a potato and cattle farmer, has insisted that he was asked to do the work by the EA to try to tackle flooding in the area.

England’s national parks announce a ten-year plan to make their land work better for nature and public health

I NEWS reports England’s national parks have collectively announced a ten-year drive to make the land work better for nature and the public by improving health and wellbeing and inspiring a deeper connection with the environment. Under the plans, the parks will work with doctors to provide nature prescriptions such as “health walks” for people with mental health issues. And they will work with the Youth Hostel Association to offer trips to people from disadvantaged backgrounds.