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Kelp! Sir David Attenborough rides to the rescue of seahorses

THE TIMES reports Sir David Attenborough has been drawn into a row with fishermen over plans to ban them from trawling to allow the creation of breeding grounds for seahorses and other rare sealife. The broadcaster is backing the restoration of a vast “underwater forest” of kelp in one of Britain’s biggest marine rewilding projects. Dense thickets of brown kelp, a type of seaweed, are an ideal nursery and feeding ground for seahorses, cuttlefish, lobster, sea bream, bass and many other species. 

River Thames home to 138 seal pups, finds annual count

The Guardian reports it has been a highway, a sewer and was declared biologically dead in the 1950s but the River Thames is now a nursery for 138 baby seals, according to the first comprehensive count of pups.

Scientists from ZSL analysed photographs taken from a specially-chartered light aircraft to identify and count harbour seal pups, which rest on sandbanks and creeks around the Thames estuary, downstream from London, during the summer, shortly after they are born.