Lockdown Nature Photo Gallery

To celebrate the diverse and fascinating nature in and around Normandy here is a collection of your photos of local wildlife and landscapes taken here during the unusual times of 2020 and 2021. This is not a photo competition, but a chance to showcase our amazing local natural environment, which at times has helped us all through these challenging times.

Normandy Pond
Gill Woolfson – Feb 2021
Primroses on Backside Common
Gill Woolfson- March 2021
Pussy willow on Backside Common
Gill Woolfson
Rainbow ‘over’ Guildford from Ash Ranges
Bill Stanworth , 8th March 2020
Privet Hawk Moth
Margaret Jones
I Spy
Margaret Jones
Bluebells and sticthwort at Cleygate Copse
Gill Woolfson, 18 May
Reed Mace, Normandy Common
Gill Woolfson, 11 Nov
Woods in Spring, Cleygate Copse
Gill Woolfson, 18 May
Fallen Leaves, Normandy Pond
Gill Woolfson, 11 Nov
Little Owl in Flexford just ten feet away in a hedgerow
Hedgehog feeding as usual on the longest night of the year
John Oliver, 21 Dec
Common spotted orchids at the bottom of our garden
Linda Pike, June
Fly Agaric on Ash Ranges
Linda Pike
Autumn colours Ash ranges
Linda Pike
Wisteria flowers, great for bees and other pollinators etc! Pirbright Road
Bill Stanworth, 2 May
Hawthorn, another great plant for bees etc, hedgerow by Catherine Frith
Bill Stanworth, 4 May
Jackdaws gathering nesting material from a happy donor, North Wyke Farm
Bill Stanworth, 19 April
Newly erected swift boxes at the Village Hall
Bill Stanworth, 8 May
Late afternoon sun on silver birch and gorse, Ash Ranges
Bill Stanworth, 30 March
Floriferous football pitch with song thrush & blackbirds, Normandy Common
Bill Stanworth, 29 May
Blue tit leaving nest site, St Mark’s church hall!
Bill Stanworth, 14 May
Bee orchid showing drought effected black leaves, Normandy Common
Bill Stanworth, 10 June
Corn marigold, a declining arable weed, flowering in fields south of Henley Park Farm
Bill Stanworth, 3 July
Green-veined whites puddling on Folly Hatch lane
Bill Stanworth, 11 July
Ants attracted to sticky secretions produced by barnacle galls (caused by gall-wasp Andricus sieboldi), on oak sapling in Springhill garden
Bill Stanworth, 15 July
Charred sculpture, SE of Withybed Copse
Bill Stanworth, 2 June
Honey bee frame with evidence of European foulbrood (notifiable), Springhill garden
Bill Stanworth, 1 June
Belted Galloways curious about the intrusion on Ash Ranges
Bill Stanworth, 29 August
Aspen showing autumn colour, Ash Ranges
Bill Stanworth, 18 October
‘As red as any blood’ (holly berries), Normandy
Bill Stanworth, 20 October
Autumn colour on Ash Ranges
Bill Stanworth, 3 November
Where are my mealworms?
Maggy Jennings
Lovely lichen
Maggy Jennings
Peppered moth caterpillar on rose
Maggy Jennings
Sulphur tuft fungi on tree stump
Maggy Jennings
Large bacterial induced gall on a silver birch tree
Maggy Jennings
Spotted fairy ring – fly agaric
Maggy Jennings
Maggy Jennings
Peacock butterfly
Steve Marshall
Dormouse box – fingers crossed for finding an occupant next year!
Heather Sohl
Dormouse footprint tunnel
Heather Sohl
Biodiverse field margin
Heather Sohl
Our hedgehog friend in the garden
Heather Sohl
Stuck in a rain forest, well, a rain storm on Ash Ranges
Heather Sohl, July

These photos are from slightly further afield than Normandy parish……

Rose Chafer in our garden in Ash
Rick Wilson, May
Stag beetle in our garden in Ash
Rick Wilson, June
Goldfinches, sparrows and blackbirds used our mini container pond as a bath during the summer. I took this picture of a blackbird in July.
Rick Wilson, July
Goslings by the Basingstoke Canal
Linda Pike
Fungi on fallen tree, at St Martha’s hill
Jenny Garson, October
Broadwater Lake
Margaret Jones
Puttenham Common
Gill Woolfson, 15 Nov
Barn owl near river Wey
Jenny Garson, 11 Oct
Fly agarics, Thursley Common
Jenny Garson, September