Help map the mammals of Normandy

While you’re out on your dog walk, cycle or stroll through the countryside you could also be helping our local mammals.  The Mammal Society have launched a new app, Mammal Mapper, to record mammals sightings or signs of mammals and send them to a national database.

The app is simple to use and provides a very handy detailed guide to identifying British mammals.

Most wild mammals, including rabbits and hedgehogs, are poorly monitored.  Records from the app could provide vital information about locations and population trends of our precious mammals, aiding better management and protection.

Learn more about the app here.  The app is free to download and available on android and iOS in app stores now. For more information and to download from the Mammal Society website go to

Woking Peregrines in the News

The Woking Peregrine Project was featured on That’s Surrey TV on 18th May.  The four chicks are still going strong – even a sandwich tern was caught as prey by the parents.  The chicks will be ringed on Tuesday to help understand where they travel as adults.  They should fledge in early to mid June, so keep an eye out if you’re in Woking!  Learn more at