Six ways to help look after wildlife this autumn

The Leader reports gardeners are being urged to hang out fat balls and avoid turning their compost heaps in order to help wildlife this autumn. Gardening experts from have shared six tips to help look after autumn wildlife.

From the humble hedgehog to toads and frogs, wildlife found in gardens across the country are starting to adapt and prepare for the winter ahead. Ensuring the animals have access to food, water and shelter will mean they have a much better chance of surviving the winter.

Bill Stanworth photo of male common toad croaking in garden pond.

Ramblers discover almost 50,000 miles of historic footpaths that have disappeared from maps

INEWS reports talkers across the country have unearthed almost 50,000 miles of lost footpaths that have disappeared from official maps of England and Wales, in the largest ‘citizen science’ project of its kind. Walking charity Ramblers said thousands of volunteers spent February comparing official OS maps with historic maps showing old footpaths across England and Wales.